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About Art Psychotherapy

Art therapy is a type of Psychotherapy where the child has the opportunity to make sense of their thoughts, feelings and experiences through talking and art making. 

Art Psychotherapy involves the relationship between a professionally qualified Art Therapist and a client, or one or more Art Therapists and a group of clients.


The boundaries of the relationship mean that the time and place of the session is usually the same time each week. Art Psychotherapy sessions take place in a confidential space reserved only for the therapist(s) and client(s) during the therapy time.



A range of art materials are available for young people to use as they wish. The ways the space and the art materials are used and the ways relationships develop can provide opportunities for understanding thoughts, feelings and experiences.


The relative freedom of the art making space can provide an opportunity for young people to make their own decisions and gain independence. It can also evoke feelings that are uncomfortable. The Art Therapist’s recognition and understanding of these feelings can help young people to make sense of their experiences and feel more comfortable in themselves.

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